Building use cases

Finding the routes to enthusiastic adoption is the key to innovative transport technology

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CarTap has created secure innovative vehicle access technology which allows deliveries to be made to car boots.

Developing use cases with individuals, organisations and the public sector is a key part of the route to market for this novel technology.

The customer app is branded Business to business versions retain the CarTap branding.

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Farmaround trial

Novel technology requires adoption and enthusiasm on many levels. For the delivery to boot system, the recipients of deliveries need to see the point, delivery drivers must feel that the technology is comfortable is useful - as must the sender.

We were fortunate that Farmaround agreed to test with some customers.

Farmaround founder, Isobel Davies:

Weekly deliveries only work if there is somewhere to deliver to. Whilst we don’t have any problems delivering to the majority of customers there are some who have absolutely nowhere we can leave it.  Delivering to flats can be particularly tricky. We were really keen to try this technology and it enabled us to reconnect with customers who had had problems with deliveries in the past.
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Farmaround Driver, Terry:

Some customers we can leave the box in the porch or leave it in the garden.  Sometimes though they will be in a block of flats and if they’re not in I’ll be trying all their neighbours to get in. Sometimes I can’t even do that and, well, you can’t leave it out on the pavement
So I said I’d give this a go.


In-vehicle resupply

Driving to the depot for spares is the daily reality for many vehicle-based maintenance engineers. The CarTap solution allows in-vehicle inventory to be maintained without wasting time that could be spent . We worked with Travis Perkins to demonstrate the benefits this extension to their inventory management services.