This is the second Annual Survey of Mobility as a Service published by Landor LINKS, in which we look at developments in this quickly evolving field since the launch of the publication in 2017.

The intention of this series is to assess both the emergent concept of MaaS, and how it is being understood, pursued and responded to by different parties, and to record the development of individual elements of MaaS-type schemes and systems that promote and facilitate multi-modal, user-centric and flexible choices and purchases of travel facilities by consumers.

The implicit question we seek to address for all those with an interest in the sector is whether, and if so when, there will be a major reshaping of the travel and mobility marketplace in which the consumer’s perspective will change fundamentally from the current mode-by-mode ‘search and book’ model, to a solution-based marketplace addressing individuals’ overall mobility needs.

Advocates believe this will be intrinsically beneficial and arguably inevitable, in the modern digitally-driven world.

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